A Fake game...

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A Fake game...

Post by Flammes Bleues on Fri 1 Apr - 18:10

For some of us that likes being multi-millionnaires, there is a simple way to significantly earn more during the guild battle: playing to loose on purpose for your second game.
Not very sportive....
Not very nice...
But it worst it !

To avoid your deep apologies cause you went to loose and won 10-7, here are some tricks:
- play just after training, when your players have low energy;
- build a 'loose' strategy, in which rythm are all set up to low;
- and, most efficient in your loose strategy: ask your kicker to aim at the opponent n'10.

This combination works 100% of the time. So you'll have to seek for a very compelling excuse to make us understand what happened :-))


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