Being a master of Lineouts

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Being a master of Lineouts

Post by Flammes Bleues on Wed 20 Apr - 12:42

Here are some tips on the throw in or Lineout, or touche in good french

You should first know about the players' alignment, which is not 1-3-4-5-6-7-8.
(If you are wandering where is the number 2, please go to the guild building and click 'leave' :-))

The aligment is 1-4-3-5-7-6-8.

On the players individual skills, you have under the tab 'Physical & Mental' the two last skills that are 'Lineout force' and 'Lineout jump'. Easy to understand that if you ask your number 7 to jump (good choice), he has to get max point in 'lineout jump' while players n5 and n6 should have max points in 'lineout force'.
This is important cause there are high chances of scoring tries from the lineout. So less you loose balls, and more performant you are !

Don't forget that when you do changes/substitutes on these specific places, you have to get a guy who knows how to jump or how to carry.

And of course, your number2, the hooker, should be an expert in pass accuracy !

Enjoy !

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