The Guild Battle Rule Book

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The Guild Battle Rule Book

Post by Flammes Bleues on Fri 25 Mar - 15:14

Player Selection rules:
  - We always ask who wants to play, and obviously the one that does not know how to write does not play...
  - If we are in a situation of an uncontrolable rush of willing players, we do put a priority on active players, that say "Hi" and that gives kits.
  - We sometimes skip Harpsden or Panchito when they do play 2 wins :-) and that might happen to you as well if you do so...

One of our very beginning moto is to rotate in order to allow everybody to play the guild battle, so if you are willing to play, you should soon be selected to play.

THE rule:
  - We do play 1 win at first, to ensure that the 9 other colleagues can enjoy as well the guild battle.
  - If you lost your first game, than yes, go for a second (and ensure a win !)
  - In case there is one of our WRL player that messed up his 2 games, then one of us will have to go for two wins
  - When reaching 9 points, the remaining player should wait that all wishers to do a fake game did play their fake game.

A fake game is a game that we intend to loose, just to get the money from the game. A kind of capitalism prostitution... (see dedicated post regarding fake game best strategy)

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