Flammes beating a 105*

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Flammes beating a 105*

Post by Kensal on Wed 30 Mar - 8:55

Flammes I saw you beat a 105* like it was a team of 12 yr olds. Was it with match bonus or what exactly??!


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Re: Flammes beating a 105*

Post by KRC Ardooie on Wed 30 Mar - 14:57

It must be magic Laughing

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The trick

Post by Flammes on Wed 30 Mar - 17:46

Indeed, it is quite surprising to beat a team full of 105* players. Here is what happened !:
1- the opponent tried me before, when i had my B team and a fake strategy, beating me 0-34 (twice i think). He definitely didn't put any bonus. Moreover, the individual rythm of his player was at 'medium'.
2- i put maximum bonus + all my players individually set with rythm at maximum and attack at maximum.
3- i changed almost the entire team at mid game, having fresh players set also at their maximum.

The most funny here is that having scored 31-0, i put back my fake strategy to not win too much ! In order for the next opponent to not be scared...

Tonight i play another player, with less good players, but there are set individually with maximum rythm and attack, and i wont be able to do anything, you'll see at 23h UTC+1 !



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Re: Flammes beating a 105*

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